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In short: who are we?

Why we exist

MindSpring was founded in 2016. The idea behind the venture was to be a force for good in the business world - mostly by advising clients on sound management practices based on employee thriving and social and environmental impact management. There is a cultural shift happening in the business world, and increasingly businesses will be looked upon to become forces of change in the future.  MindSpring is here to assist in pushing this change agenda.

How we view things

MindSpring considers that effective management should integrate sustainability concerns from the executive suite to the shop floor.  We help our clients to scan the social, technological, economic, environmental, and political concerns impacting their businesses in order to take informed action.

The team

MindSpring is made up of a diverse group of people including: management consulting "ninjas", positive mindset "engineers", sustainability "fanatics" and even a few medical "mad scientists" ... this diversity allows us to approach management issues from many different angles. We remain a delightful and easy-going crew with many years of experience between us, and we hope to share our good spirit and ideas with you and your organisation.

Our Team

Benedyct Muirheid



Dr. Denis Lamboley

Founder, Wellness Management

Scientific Committee

Sania Pouget

Managing Director,

Executive Coach

Dr. Marc Masson

Senior Advisor,

Scientific Committee

Ronan Le Ber

Senior Consultant, 

Life Coach

Arnaud George

Senior Consultant, 


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MindSpring's Paris office

174 Avenue Victor Hugo, Paris, 75116, France

+33 6 26 48 39 03


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